Welcome to Strong Tower Pilates Studio!


At Strong Tower Pilates Studio, our mission is to serve and teach others the Pilates Method in an encouraging and loving way that invigorates their body, engages their mind and enriches their spirit.

Our instructors teach classical Pilates on state-of-the-art equipment. We offer private Pilates training sessions and small group equipment classes, as well as Pilates mat, Cardiolates and yoga classes. Our goal is to preserve the legacy of Joseph Pilates and through our personalized instruction, create and maintain a life of health and well-being for our client’s minds and bodies. At Strong Tower Pilates Studio (STPS), we expand on Mr. Pilates’ original principles by creating variations and modifications suitable for the general population, as well as the fitness enthusiast and the seasoned athlete. Each class is tailored to meet the needs of the individual; our years of experience and belief in the Pilates method and its restorative power make STPS a top-notch studio. Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels are welcome. In June 2010, we started “Pilates for Kids” mat classes in effort to teach kids the importance of being active. The class helps develop their strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and self-confidence through kid-friendly exercises and games. All sessions can be booked our online scheduling system from the comfort of your own home.


STP now offers Rossiter sessions.  We have 3 trained Rossiter Coaches on staff.  The Rossiter System is deep, connective tissue stretching that restores easy movement, loosening tightness in your body quickly and effectively, to eliminate the source of pain. It is stretching in a way your body recognizes instantly as what it needs to help heal itself. Rossiter is a workout, not a treatment or therapy. It is a unique form of serious, deliberate two-person stretching that provides fast, effective and natural pain relief. A few of the ailments that Rossiter can help include plantar fasciitis, restless leg syndrome, low back or sciatic pain, neck and shoulder pain, menstrual cramps, tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome and much more!

We are located on the corner of Bells Ferry Road and Bells Ferry Place in Acworth; approximately 3/4 mile east of Hwy 92 or 1.5 miles west of I-575. Our studio is fully stocked with 3 Reformer/Tower Combo units, one Trapeze Table, 3 Wunda Chairs, one Split-Pedal Chair, 3 Spine Correctors and one Ladder Barrel. We have many great props to add exciting variations to your mat and equipment classes such as foam rollers, magic circles, therabands, hand weights, wobble discs and exercise balls.

We offer free towel service and you can enjoy clean, alkaline, filtered and enhanced drinking water from our Nikken PiMag water system to keep yourself hydrated. You may also help yourself to a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or cider from our Keurig coffemaker.

Clients love how clean we keep our well-lit, 1700 sq. foot studio.  We use a tea-tree oil solution to clean the equipment between each class.  In 2012, Strong Tower began using an UltraViolet-C cleaner to disinfect all of the equipment, mats and props including foot loops and handles. This amazing device kills 99% of harmful bacteria and germs including warts, athlete’s foot, ringworm, staph, e.coli and the cold and flu virus. Want one for your house, studio or gym?  Call us today! 678-324-8580

We are proud to sell UV-C Handheld Cleaners, ToeSox, Young Living Essential Oils, Balanced Body Pilates rings, foam rollers, balls and yoga straps, a variety of Pilates Core Integration DVDs and Strong Tower Pilates Studio clothing.

Why Pilates (Puh-LAH-teez)?


Pilates will help to strengthen and lengthen your body, stimulate your mind, and rejuvenate your soul. Best defined as a series of progressive exercises developed by Joseph Pilates designed to increase circulation, flexibility and strength. The classes focus on building a strong “powerhouse” (the band of muscles around your mid-section). Each exercise is centered on the quality of the movement, not the number of repetitions. The Pilates Method involves intense stretching, precise breathing, and concentration on keeping the body aligned, the movements coordinated and the mind focused.


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